RAMP Engineering: Your One Stop Precision Machine Shop

At RAMP Engineering, we take pride in our work and service. We treat every customer like they are our only customer, providing exceptional manufacturing and services for all your machining needs. We offer volume production and deliver fast and reliable results every time.

Our precision machining services work with metals, plastics and a multitude of different materials. We offer aluminum machining for those lightweight, precision parts necessary for aerospace machining. Our engineers are ready to work with your team of developers to provide prototype machining services. Serving the aeronautical, commercial, industrial, military, automotive, medical and communications sectors, we work on time and on budget.

Titanium Machining

When it comes to aircraft machinery, titanium is the perfect choice for metal parts. It’s known as the “miracle metal” because of its incredibly unique features which can be used for high precision, high pressure and extremely high temperature conditions. As a leading aerospace machine shop, we have the experience to cut and mill titanium the right way, every time.

Special Capabilities

Our CNC milling service provides economic outputs with minimal waste. Trial and error methods used in some machine shops claim they can compete with cheaper rates by skirting technology investments. The truth is our technological advancements reduce waste, increase production rates, and lower per piece costs to our customers.

Our special capabilities include:

  • Turning and Milling – Multiple CNC lathes and mills to accommodate a variety of parts.
  • Outside Processing – If RAMP Engineering cannot satisfy all of the part requirements in-house, a list of qualified vendors will be used to get the job done.
  • Quality – RAMP Engineering utilizes precision equipment to qualify manufactured parts.
  • Industries – RAMP Engineering has serviced multiple industries including aerospace, automotive, medical, military, and communications.
  • Software – Latest CAD/CAM software to handle part geometry. In-house developed ERP system.
  • Material – RAMP Engineering has an extensive amount of experience working with various materials. Please refer to our materials page for more information.

A Progressive and Experienced Staff

Our shop is equipped with CNC precision machining tools to produce your parts quickly and accurately. We have heavily invested in the CNC machine shop to not only include technology for machining but to also have a highly trained staff of engineers and machinists.

By equipping our staff with the best in necessary tools and training, we provide our customers with a wide variety of services in a timely and efficient manner. Our never-ending commitment to you is to do the job right, on time and every time.

No job is too big or too small. Our custom CNC machining can do it all!

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