Titanium Machining for Aircraft Parts

Titanium plays a significant role in the design and construction of aircraft parts – specifically aircraft engines as well as structural elements and landing gears. The metal has a relatively low mass and an excellent resistance to high temperatures – making it the perfect choice for aerospace applications. RAMP Engineering, through its aerospace machine shop, has the capability to mill titanium so that it conforms to your exact specifications.

The Process

The process of machining titanium is not simple and requires a machine shop with the right equipment and professionals with the right knowledge and experience. Compared with other materials, the titanium machining process requires all of the following:

  • Excellent flow of coolant
  • Slower than normal cutting speeds
  • Faster cutting feed rates
  • Minimal-to-zero feed interruptions

By utilizing the latest in technology and software, our titanium machining shop delivers on all of the above and more in order to cut and mill this metal accurately and efficiently, while also minimizing waste. In doing so, we also minimize the cost to our customers.

The Results

Our commitment is to meet the demands of our customers by providing quality machined titanium components that work precisely as designed. Regardless if you need plate, bar or other castings – our machining process encompasses a combination of the right machine and cutting tools as well as the right strategies to produce high quality components in your required grade of titanium.

Depend on Our Machining Services

Our staff of engineers and machinists is ready to handle your next titanium machining order. Send us your specifications and we’ll deliver you the precise finished product you need.

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